Pursuant to the provisions of Clause 46 of the Sugar Industry Agreement, the Appeals Tribunal has made Rules for the conduct of hearings before it.  The Rules were adopted in February 2010 and the following revisions have subsequently been made thereto:

  • 8 April 2010
    • Amendment to prescribe the format for a Notice of Appeal to be lodged with the Appeals Tribunal
  • 10 June 2010
    • Amendment to cater for the obligation on the Administration Board as prescribed in clause 33 of the Sugar Industry Agreement, 2000
  • 11 August 2010
    • Amended to include that documents are to be provided in hard copy and electronic format
  • 4 August 2011
    • Amendment to cater for priority hearings
  • 4 December 2012
    • Clause 3 amended to read 3(a) – 3(h) to ensure consistent format within the document
  • 5 February 2013
    • Clause inserted regarding parties to a dispute advising the Tribunal as to whether the matter is proceeding or not
    • Clause inserted in respect to reasons being furnished either with any order, decision, ruling or subsequent to any order, decision, ruling at the discretion of the Tribunal


Appeals Tribunal Rules of Procedure revised February 2013.

Download the Rules for the hearings of the Appeals Tribunal (PDF - 177KB)